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Why Medical Tourism in Ecuador?


Growing Popularity

Ecuador is a growing popular destination for medical tourism in all aspects of health care and health and wellness. South America is becoming a leader in health care options, procedures and techniques for international travelers.

State of the Art

Private facilities in Ecuador are state-of-the-art with a number of hospitals ISO certified and having the latest technology, assuring that patients receive world class healthcare.

US & European Trained Specialists

Many specialists in Ecuador have trained in the US or Europe and are bilingual so communicating shouldn't be a problem. Many patients find they are offered superior service at up to 70% lower cost than back home.

Mundo Medical is a Provider of High Quality Medical Tourism Services

As a Medical Tourism Facilitator with a decade of experience, and our know-how in the Medical industry we provide high quality services for the international patient. With our guidance and no compromise attitude we make sure that our clients receive the best medical services for their safety and comfort.

USA/Canada Toll Free: 1-855-MUNDO-55
E-mail: info@mundomedical.com
In Ecuador: 099-580-0069
In the UK: +44(0)20 7048 4053
International +593-99-580-0069
MTA member web MundoMedical is a member of the
Medical Tourism Association